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Ren Bonian Small Wolf and Sheep Mixed Hair Brush[sm_weasel_mix]

This specialty blended hair brush is made of primarily with stiff wolf hair but comes with a fuller heel with some soft sheep hair in the center. This wolf brush with a sheep hair core improves the flexibility and enhances loading capacity, so the ink or color load will last longer in one stroke than a regular wolf hair brush. It is good for drawing delicate long lines, and cursive calligraphy. Inspired by brushes used by the Shanghai school painting master Ren Bonian, it is a great brush for both free-style and gongbi styles paintings, such as vine or tendrils, small flower leaves and petals, figures and landscape etc. This wolf-sheep mixture brush is a hard to find brush for all CBP enthusiasts.


Bristle length: 1"(2.5cm), diameter: 3/16"(0.5cm); handle length: 7-1/2"(19cm)


Made by Zhou Hucheng Studio of Shanghai

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