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Wu Changshuo's Paintings (a Complete Collection series)[WuChangshuo]

Wu ChangShuo

Wu Changshuo (吴昌硕, 1844-1927) is a famous painter, calligrapher and seal-engraver in the late Qing Dynasty. Changshuo is his artist style name. His original name is Jun (俊), later Junqing (俊卿).

       Wu was born in today’s Anji County (安吉县) of Zhejiang from a scholarly family and for a time toward the end of the Qing he served as an official in Liaoning. He settled in Suzhou in his twenties. Initially, he devoted himself to poetry and calligraphy with a strong interest in early scripts. He started to learn painting after 40 years old and only after his 50s did he consider himself a painter. He is regarded as one of the most important founders of the "Shanghai school." In 1913, he became the leader of Xiling Seal Association, a society of seal-carvers and artists in Hangzhou (西泠印社). As a leading painter during the early twentieth century, he was noted for rejuvenating the art of painting flowers and birds by introducing an expressive, individualistic style more generally associated with literati painting. His style has very strong influence on Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou and other contemporary artists. To read more about Wu Changshuo on Google .


This book contains two volumes which included a collection of 426 Wu Changshuo's major paintings.

Page 426

Dimension 8-1/2"(21.5cm) x 11-1/2"(29cm)

Color Plates

Hard cover with hard jacket box.


Published by Rong Bao Zhai Publishing House, 2003

ISBN 7-5003-0681-4


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