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Chung Hwa Sumi Ink for Calligraphy and Painting 250g[chunghwa_Ink_L]

  • This award-winning bottled ink is made in Beijing, China for calligraphy and brush painting.
  • It is a permanent and lightfast sumi ink.  
  • It can be used straight from the bottle for its 'super' black intensity or mixed with water to get various gray tones.
  • It dries quickly and won't run or bleed when re-wetted during wash or wet-mounting.
  • If the ink gets dry on the palette, just add water to melt it and it can be used again(unlike the Japanese bottled ink, which cannot be re-wetted and reused once it dries).
  • It's recommended to both beginning and advanced sumi or watercolor artists to use.


Bottle Height: 6",  250g(8.8oz)

*The manufacturer of Chuangwa ink, Beijing Yidege, has a history of more than 140 years since its establishment in 1865 and is well known for their ink products. Chunghwa ink was first introduced in 1965 and become very popular during the Great Cultural Revolutuion(1966-1976) as the most widely used ink for the "Big Character Post". 


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