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A Flower and Plant Painting Album of Li Yewu downloadable e-book[LiYewu]

Li Yewu(李野屋 , 1899-1938) who has learned from Ju Cao(居巢)and Ju Lian(居亷). But unfortunately few people recognize him today because he died too young. This book is a selection of 55 flowers from 100 flowers album that he did for his wife as learning samples(Original size= 22.1cm x 32.3cm). His delicate style is known as Mogu(boneless) which is in between Xieyi(free style) and gongbi(elaborated style). 


"Li Yewu was one of my most favorite Linnan masters" says Henry.  



e-Book size: 21MB (downloadable PDF file)

55 Paintings in Color Plates

Dimension 10-1/4"(26cm) x 10"(25cm)

Soft cover.


# Publisher: Lingnan Art Publishing House; 1st edition (Dec, 1984)

# Paperback: 60 pages
# Body Language: Simplified Chinese


** I have identified the names of about 50 flowers and plants in this book as virtual bookmarks in the PDF book.**

This book has been long out of print and I bought from rare book stores.  


As Seen in Lesson 18

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