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Gift Painting 119 the bare tree blooms in the spring[GP-119]

Title: Pine, rocks, clouds - the beauty of Huangshan.

Date Created: July 30, 2018 by Henry Li
Medium:  Ink and watercolor on unsized single Xuan rice paper. (unmounted)

I did this painting in homage to Su Shi. I added some spring blossom on the bare tree and re-titled it "the bare tree blooms in the spring. " Su Dongpo, 1037-1101) a brilliant poet, fine calligrapher, and virtuoso scholar-official. Su Shi's "Ancient Tree with Rock" highlights the calligraphic elements of the brush strokes by simplifying the form (not even bothering to complete features of the tree). Su Shi's painting resonates with simplified paintings associated with Song era Zen (Chan) Buddhism (discussed in one my lessons), and prefigures the rich tradition of literati painting that reached its first full flowering during the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368).

Size: 18"x13.5"  

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