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Hand-carved Rosewood Brush Rest(Last One)[Rosewd_bshan_s]

Often ignored, a brush rest is actually necessary for the creation of traditional Chinese calligraphy or painting. It is called "Bi Shan" or "brush mountain" in Chinese because its shape looks like the Chinese character "mountain" Shan.

This rosewood brush rest can hold 7+ various size brushes. You can prevent your brush from staining your table or accidentally rolling over onto your painting by using this brush rest. It is hand-carved, each one is a unique piece of art.*


Material: Rosewood

Size: 6-1/4"(15.5cm) x 1-1/2"(3.7cm)x1-1/2"(3.7cm) 

* Due to hand-carving the actual piece may vary from the picture shown. 

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