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Lesson 35: Tiger (download)[MP4_L_35]

Lesson 35: Tiger

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Tiger is one of the most favored animal in Chinese zodiac. This video lesson shows you the entire painting process of this hanging scroll with a tiger commissioned by a collector in New Zealand. You will learn how to apply ink and water on mulberry paper to generate furry effect and multilayered coloring techniques with inspirations from the best animal painting artist Liu Jiyou's semi-gongbi and semi-spontaneous masterpiece. Take this class now unless you could find a how to paint a tiger lesson elsewhere!



Video Length: 2 Hours


Make a facial portrait or a complete copy of master Liu Jiyou's tiger painting following the steps show in this video lesson.


Diagrams and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


.  This is the download version. Click here to order the DVD version.


Here is the the introduction part of Lesson 35. Enjoy!


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