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Mulberry Paper #1 18x30 Medium Sheets[Mul#1_18.5x30]

Sold in 10, 30 or 60 sheets bundles.

- Made of mulberry tree leaves and inner bark (also called Pi Paper );

- In 27gsm thickness, the texture is smoother and finer than #2;

- PH neutral and archival;
- Unsized absorbency, smearing like Xuan paper, soft but strong like a fabric, it works well with most water-based art media including watercolors and fluid acrylics.

- Resists bleeding and shows color brilliantly, appropriate for landscapes, animals, birds and flowers, etc.;
- Perfect for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting, and also good for Calligraphy, Mounting, Rubbing, Stamping, Kite, Lantern, Window Covering, and Collage etc. 
- Measurement: each measuring 18"x 30" (47cm x 76cm)


As Seen on YouTube! 

x10 [pi#1_med10] $14.00 Quantity :
x30 [pi#1_med30] $38.00 Quantity :
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