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Rare Earth Strong Magnetic Pins 30mm (pair)[magnetic_paperweights]

30mm(1 3/16") dia. x 25mm(1 1/2") tall

These large magnet paperweights are so strong that can hold both felt pad and rice paper when you do your brush painting on an easel! Even when you paint outdoors,  the rice paper will not be blown away by wind. Unlike clips or push pins, they will not cause any damage to the rice paper. Now it comes with a convenient plastic handle for easy placement and removal. 


These magnetic paperweights work best with a magnetic white board, which you may get from WalMart or any stationary stores.

Materials: N35 Nickel Plated Magnet with ABS plastic handle.

Color: WHITE only for least interference with your painting.


Priced and sold in pairs. Two  or more pairs are recommended if you intend to use out doors or on none-iron boards(as shown in picture below). 


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