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Stiff and Soft Rabbit Hair Combination Brushes L/M/S[BILIANG]

White soft rabbit hairs on the outside function as reservoir to hold more moisture;

Black stiff rabbit hairs inside comes to a spring tip used to draw line with calligraphic expression.

Comes with thick bamboo handle; hold it vertically for tip-centered fine lines and horizontally for bold side brush stroke with great ink/color variations.  

Especially good for free-style free style landscape, figure, animals and plants. Perfect as as Gongbi wash brushes.

Three sizes:

1) Large: Head 1 7/16"(3.5cm) x 3/8"(1cm) Handle Length: 8-3/4" 

2) Medium:  Head 1 5/16"(3.2cm) x 3/16"(0.9cm) Handle Length: 8-3/4"

2) Small:  Head 1"(2.5cm) x 1/4"(0.7cm) Handle Length: 8-3/4" 

Made by Master Xu Laosan 

All 3 All 3 [Rabbit_3] $43.00 Quantity :
Large Large [Rabbit_L] $16.00 Quantity :
Medium Medium [Rabbit_M] $15.00 Quantity :
Small Small [Rabbit_S] $14.00 Quantity :
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