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Thick Heavy Weight Rice Paper Value Pack[Thick_Pack]

This thick or heavy rice paper contains 10 sheets, four kinds, of rice paper that are in either double or triple ply weight:  

1) 2 Sheets of Double Ma(hemp):  53"x27.5"(131cmx70cm), weight: 57.44gsm.

2) 2 sheets of Double Mulberry(pi): 30"x 56", Weight: 54gsm  

3) 3 sheets of Double Xuan(hsuan):  27.5"x55", Weight: 51gsm 

4) 3 sheets of Triple Xuan(hsuan): 27"x57" Weight: 87GSM

 Total: 10 sheets

These thick rice papers are formed by pressing multiple layers of the thin paper together, so,

generally speaking, they are less smearing; color and ink tend to be brighter on the multi-layer papers than on single layer papers. They are also firmer and sturdier than normal rice papers. Suitable for painting, printing and paper crafting and so on.



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