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Lesson 16: Basic Elements of Landscape Painting(DVD)[DVD_L_16]


This video class contains three DVDs nearly 6 hours of video including live workshop lectures, question and answers, student practices and step by step demos.  It has been a year since I started this online class series in July 2011, and in March 2012 we have held a successful live workshop with students from all over the world. Most my students were new to Chinese brush painting. And  I was always asked this question, "how to learn CBP?" or  "where should I start?" This "basic elements of Chinese landscape" class is my answer to this question. (*To join Henry Li's online Chinese brush painting class, please click here . )


Disk #1: Lesson 16 Part 1. The Basic Elements of Chinese Landscape Painting

A Chinese art student does not learn how to paint by going out and superficially copying the appearance of nature, any more than one becomes a classical musician by learning to mimic birds singing.

As the music student learns her/his keys and key relationships, the Chinese painter has to start by learning what are known as  the "type forms," or "fractal elements." 


These are the evidences of essential reality, distilled through centuries of observation of transient effects, where the painter can apply them according to well established principles of harmony and composition.  Students will learn basic type forms of various trees and rocks in traditional Chinese landscape painting, based on these traditional elements.


Disk #2: Lesson 16 Part 2. How to Paint Willow and Other Trees

Willow is known as the most difficult tree to paint in landscape painting. I taught this very challenging class in a live workshop in March 2012. This video will reveal the secret of painting willow that I have learned from my teacher master Han Shaoying.


Disk #3: Lesson 16 Part 3: How to Paint Landscape on Silk

This DVD covers the entire process of a landscape painting on silk, step by step, including how to mount the finished painting with silicone paper on a silk scroll. During this live workshop studetns did their practices on the sized Xuan paper, which has similar effects as on sized silk. 


All copy sample and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


*This is the DVD version. Click here to order the Download version


Here is a trailer of Part 1 on YouTube:




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