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Chinese Painting Basic Supplies Check List

Chinese Painting Basic Supplies Check List

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If you are a beginner to Chinese brush painting, here is what will you need to prepare for your Chinese painting class.  A student value package is also available.


1. 3-5 Chinese Painting Brushes.

You need the basic set of three brushes - a soft brush, a stiff brush and a small detail brush, to get a start. Good varieties in size and shapes are available here for you to choose from. If you already have some Asian brushes, try them to see if they work for you.

2. Sumi Ink. You may use bottled liquid ink or the ink cake for convenience. Traditional inkstick and inkstone and are recommended. You may grind the liquid ink from bottle further to make it into a paste. 

3. Rice Paper. The high quality of authentic Chinese rice paper is available at moderate prices. We recommend semi-sized Xuan rice paper and mulberry papers to beginning students because they are less bleeding.  For advanced students, you might want to try our unsized absorbent Xuan(shuan) paper.

4.  Watercolor Paints. Marie's Chinese painting watercolor and traditional color chips are available in our online store. You may also use artist quality watercolor or gouache.

5. A Palette and Two White Ceramic Saucers.  

6. 2 Water Containers: one for rinsing brush, and one for clean water. 

7. A piece of Felt Pad. It should be in white or light color, no black! Synthetic is fine. Wool is the best. Recommended size: 18"x20". 

8. Paper Towel or Hand Tissue. for blotting or to dry the brush.

9. Brush rest: You need a brush rest to prevent your brushes from staining your table or accidentally rolling over onto your painting.

10. Paper weight:  a pair of paperweights are needed to hold the rice paper in place when you paint.

11. Seal and red ink paste (optional): Don't worry if you don't have one at the beginning. You may write your initials in a red square as your seal. You may order a personalized Chinese name seal later from Henry.    


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