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Soft-Stiff Hair Combination Brush with Thicker Core[Combination1]


This is a classic Stiff & Soft Hair combined Brush for Chinese painting and calligraphy.In Chinese it is called baiyun or "white clouds". This kind of brushes are composed of two layers of hair:the central core is made of relatively stiff hair gathered to form a tapered point; The outer wrapping consists of softer hairs which are selected for their greater water-holding capacity and for facilitating smooth strokes. 

The inner core is made of wolf hair and goat hair form the outer wrapping are the same length and come to a point when it is loaded with ink or color. The thick wolf hair and thin goat hair combined structure ensures smooth maneuverability and dynamic strokes whether light or heavy pressure is applied.Perfect for beginner's use of Sumi-e painting and calligraphy. This exceptional brush is made with the finest quality soft goat hair and stiff weasel hair, and performs the full range of strokes and gradation traditionally required in authentic Chinese painting or sumi-e. Designed to produce various strokes to depict classical themes such as bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum, and plum. It is my favorite "gold fish brush" as well as "bird brush."  It is a brush of supreme versatility.


Brush Size:  1-1/4"(3.0cm) Long x 3/8"(1cm) Diameter; with handle 10-1/4"(26cm) Long.  


*The tip is well-pointed when it's wet.



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