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Payment for Henry and Victoria Year-round Online Class(Variable prices)[Ning_Online_Class]


This item is payment for Victoria and Henry Li's pre-recorded classes at NOT including the current live workshops or Zoom classes.  

*If you have a Paypal account, please sign up and pay directly at the class website above and you will have instant access to the site and the class videos. 

If you don't have Paypal, you can make your payment with credit card here, please browse down to this page to select your membership plan.


The online class membership now includes ALL pre-recorded DVD lessons, recordings from live Zoom classes, plus any new video lessons to be added during your subscription period, discussion forums, gallery, blogs and chat. It is not a recurring billing plan so you will be prompted to pay once your subscription expires.

These classes are all pre-recorded and you learn at your own pace: L-1. Introduction, Orchids, Baby Chick and Blue Herons; L-2: Plum Blossoms and Birds; L-3: Bamboo and Panda Bears; L-4. Landscapes with waterfall; L-5. Peony and Butterflies; L-6: Rose, Wisteria and Cats; L-7. Chrysanthemum and Rooster; L-8: Landscape Painting(the three Gorges of Yangtze); L-9. Monkeys; L-10. Lotus Flowers and Frogs; L-11. Chinese Dragon; L-12. Camellia in Gongbi style; L-13: Bird of Paradise; L-14: Scot Pine and Squirrel; L-15: Summer Fruits and Veggies; L-16: Basic Elements of Chinese Landscape Painting; L-17. Water Buffalo; L-18: Boneless Style Flower and Birds; L-19. Misty Mountains; L-20. Red-crowned Cranes; L-21: Peacocks; L-22: Carp, Goldfish and Snake; L-23: Magnolia; L-24: Day Lily; L-25: Southern Song Style Landscape; L-26. Zen Paintings with Prof Lu; L-27. Rhododedron, azalea and poppy; L-28: Gongbi landscape; L-29: Phalaenopsis; L-30: Horses; L-31: Finger Painting with Prof Zhou; L-32: Xieyi Landscape Painting with Prof Kang; L-33: Insects with Prof Rao; L-34: Shrimp and Crabs in Qi Baishi Style; L-35. Tiger; L-36: Water Lilies; L-37: Eagles; L-38 Columbia River Gorge; L-39 Goats; L-40 Peach of Longevity;L-41: Koi Pond; L-42 Figure Painting with prof Luo Laiying; L-43 Wei Zixi Style Landscape with Wei Li; L-44. Chi Baishi's Grape Vines and Morning Glory; L-45. Master Zhangs' Birds.... 


Membership Plans

$45.00/3 months($15.00 per month)
$80.00/6 Months($13.33 per month)
$120.00/one Year($10.00 per month)


Please select the membership options below and add to your shopping cart. Henry will set up your account manually within 24 hours after your payment is received. Again, if you have a Paypal account, please sign up and pay directly at the class site and you will have instant access to the site and the class videos.  

1 month [1-month_Ning_Class] $20.00 Quantity :
12 months [12-month_Ning_Class] $120.00 Quantity :
24 months [24-month_Ning_Class] $198.00 Quantity :
3 months [3-month_Ning_Class] $45.00 Quantity :
6 months [6-month_Ning_Class] $80.00 Quantity :
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