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Practice Qigong and Chinese Painting with Victoria(DVD)[DVD_Qigong]

In this one hour DVD Victoria lectures on the inter-relationship of Qigong(Ch'ikung) - the Way of
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting. There are many Qigong practices for healthy living and they have three Things in Common:  
             1) Breathe Management;
             2) Physical exercises;
             3) Mental Focus.
Chinese calligraphy and painting have to do with all three.  In this class Victoria will lead you to practice

Part 1 The Eight Sectioned Exercises
She introduces the Qigong Baduanjin(Eight Sectioned Exercises) which is one of the earliest and most popular Qigong in the world for healthy living. She will teach you how to do the eight routine one by one.

Part 2 Posture and Qi(Ch'i)
•Brush Holding
•Sitting and Standing(horse-riding)
•Abdominal Breathing(through nose)

Part 3 Brushstroke and Breathing Rhythm
She will give precise instructions on how to manage breathing during brush strokes.

Part 4 Recycling Qi energy after painting

Part 5 Mental Focus    
Victoria canalize the six elements of Chinese brush painting process:

Victoria started to learn how to write Chinese calligraphy at a very early age from her parents, who were both Chinese literature professors. She graduated from the Chinese literature and language department of Nanjing University and taught Chinese as a second language in Grinnell College, Western Washington University, and Pomona College.


Victoria was born in a TCM( traditional Chinese medicine) family. Her grandfather and two uncles are TCM doctors and Qigong practitioners and she has been study the relationship between Qigong and Chinese painting or calligraphy for many years. This DVD is suitable to beginning to intermediate level Chinese calligraphy and painting lovers and students.


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