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Shuniku Red Seal Ink Pad for Inkan Hanko Name Chop(5CM)[Hanko_Ink]


Called as "Shuniku" in Japanese, this water-based fast-drying red ink pad is a high-quality product made of pigment, resin, and organic solvents, for Inkan(Hanko) or name seal stamping uses.  


  • In vibrant red color, this compact ink box contains super fine red dye in a mess-free sponge pad. No need to stir, and no residual deposit left in the seal. 
  • The print dries instantly with no thick build up, which is a major difference to the slow-dry traditional ink paste.
  • It does not bleed on rice paper and can be used on any order paper such as photography paper as well.  
  • It is aicd-free, permanent, lightfast  and waterproof.
  • It is in a light-weight compact durable plastic box for easy carrying.
  • The ink will last for many years if you keep the lid closed after using.  
  • Made in China  



Inner Diameter: 50mm (2") 

(box diameter: 70mm(2.5")  

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