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The Deer-Mountain Horse Hair Biiff Brush Master-Crafted by Xu Laosan[Mountain_Horse]


Immerse yourself in the world of traditional craftsmanship with our exclusive specialty brush, meticulously handcrafted by the renowned Master Xu Laosan. This exceptional brush is skillfully assembled using a blend of the finest natural animal hair sourced from deer and mountain horses, creating a masterpiece that stands above the rest.

What sets this brush apart is its unique composition, carefully chosen to enhance your artistic experience. The inclusion of deer and mountain horse hair grants this brush an exceptional capacity to retain moisture, ensuring a consistently fine point throughout your creative endeavors. Unlike conventional mountain horse hair brushes, our deer-mountain horse hair brush is optimized for precision and longevity.

Hold this remarkable brush perpendicularly, and you'll be greeted with a perfectly pointed tip, ready to capture your inspiration. Tilt it at a slant, and both the tip and the heel of the brush will gracefully touch the paper simultaneously, allowing you to effortlessly create solid side brush strokes. The versatility of this brush knows no bounds—you can harness the substantial heel for bold, expressive strokes or rely on the delicate tip for intricate, finely detailed work.

As the inscription suggests, this brush is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. It excels in both Kaishu calligraphy and brush painting, thanks to its exceptional flexibility and responsive nature. Elevate your artistic journey with a tool that reflects the craftsmanship of a master.


Brush Size: Length 1-1/2", Diameter 1/2"
Handle Length: 9"
Each of these exquisite brushes bears the mark of Master Xu Laosan's expert craftsmanship. The inscriptions on the handle proudly display "Lu-Lang Shu-Hua" (Deer-Wolf Calligraphy/Painting) and the esteemed Master Xu's name, affirming the authenticity and excellence of this masterpiece.

Discover the artistry and precision of the Master-Crafted Deer-Wolf Hair Brush—a brush that transcends boundaries and invites you to create your own masterpieces with grace and finesse.


Master Xu

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