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Xiling Brand Black Seal Ink Paste Refill Bag 30g[Black_Seal_Paste_30g]

A Professional Quality Pure Black Seal Ink Paste Refill.
  • The "Xiling" brand of Shanghai is the best known seal ink paste maker in China. 
  • This seal ink kit contains a pure black color seal ink paste which is made of oil-based black ink soaked in special plant fiber base. It will not bleed on rice paper.
  • Suggested usages: on dark colored paper like red, brown or dark gray where regular red colored seal ink won't show; or on white paper with a personal signature chop.   
  • It will last many many years if you store it in a ceramic case with lid(Sold separately). 

Color: Pure Black

Net Ink Amount: 30g. 


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Like a "desert after dinner," the Chinese have been using seals for thousands of years as the finishing touch on their calligraphy and brush paintings. These seals feature the name of the artist, or "mode seal" seals to help balancing the composition. Traditionally you only need to get one high quality red seal ink to use with your name seal, which will last for a life time.


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