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Antique Yellow Sized Silk for Gongbi Painting(sold by Yard)[sized-silk]

This 100% silk is made for gongbi or elaborate style Chinese painting. 

No front and back side difference. The actual color may vary as seen in the picture. 

Premium thick quality.

Made in Hu Zhou, Zhejiang Province, China.


Width: 32"(83cm) sold by the yard(36" or 91.44cm). 


Frequently asked questions: I ordered some silk for gongbi painting from BHA and I'm so happy to use it! The paint makes the silk wrinkle - I wonder if people usually mount it straight away before painting? I can't find any information on the internet- just about mounting with silk on margin- but not actually mounting the silk. 


You need not mount the silk on any other surface for gongbi painting. All you need to do is stretch the silk with push pins on a wood frame like a canvas to paint on. Here is a YouTube showing how too stretch the silk onto a wood frame with the push pins.

Here is another Youtube in which you can see how the art students use woody frames with silk stretched on them.

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