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1" Balin Seal Stone with Squash Knob #007[GUA007]

Balin Seal Stone with Hand-carved squash knob.*


Size: 15/16" x 15/16"(2.4cm x2.4cm) Height 3-7/16"(8.7cm)


Material: Balin Soapstone

Storage/Gift Box: Brocade Silk Box (included)


Chinese name calligraphy design and seal carving services are available (order here). 


*What's the symbolism of squash?  Traditionally motif of squash is a good wish to family prosperity in Chinese culture.
The design of squash with vine or "瓜瓞绵绵" means "May your family grow and prosper like spreading squash vines!" You don't have to adopt this interpretation in the old Chinese culture context if you think it does not make any sense to you. For me, I just like this stone sculpture because they are very nice decorations. After rall squash is a very healthy vegetable. 

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