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Bamboo Brush Rack(16 Pegs)[Brush_Rack]

This brush Rack is made of bamboo. It is designed like a Chinese dragon gate, which is simple yet very detailed. The bottom beam can also serve as a brush rest(see pictures). Using the traditional mortise and tenon joints, it can be assembled in minutes without any tools. 



Size Large: 17-1/2"(44.5cm) tall, 15"(38cm)wide, and 5"(13cm) deep, with 16 pegs*. !
**Each peg can hold more than one brushes.  


Why  you need to hang brushes to dry after using? It's because if you keep the wet brush upside down the moisture will do damage to the brush hair inside the handle. So the best way to prolong the life of your favorite brushes is after cleaning to hang it on the brush rack to let it dry.


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