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Bamboo Inkstick Clamp or Clip Holder(L/S)[Ink_Clamp_Cn]

Known in Chinese as "Inkstick Clip"(墨夹)  this bamboo clamp is designed to hold the inkstick when it getting too short to grab and ground on a inks tone. It is very easy to assemble and adjust, and fits most inkstick sizes.


Large: 4-3/4" (12cm) x 1"(2.5cm)

Small: 4" (10cm) x 3/4"(2cm)


Made in China 


Watch this YouTube video and you will see it it was used.

Large Large [Ink_Clamp_Cn-L] $10.00 Quantity :
Small Small [Ink_Clamp_Cn-S] $10.00 Quantity :
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