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Bear Wolf Hair Brushes Siganiture Edition by Master Xu[Bear_Brush]

This extra stiff brush is a blend of  bear (80%) and wolf(20%) and is is on the hard side(always springing back to its shape). It is one of my favorite brush for painting bamboo leaves and stalks, orchid blades. and plum tree trunks. I specially ordered this brush from Master Xu Laosan so the came with his signature on the brush handle.


It is recommended to both serious beginners and experienced Chinese brush painting or sumi-e artist. 


Medium:  Brush length 2-1/8"(5.2cm), Diameter 9/16"(1.5cm) Handle length 9-1/2"  (23.5cm)

Large:  Brush length 2-1/2"(6.2cm), Diameter 5/8"(1.6cm) Handle length 9-1/2"  (23.5cm) 


Here is a Youtube video to show you how this brush is doing  in a test painting.


Large Large [Bear_Brush_L] $37.95 Quantity :
Medium Medium [Bear_Brush_M] $35.95 Quantity :
Set of Set of [Bear_Brush_M+L] $67.90 Quantity :
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