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Bear Wolf Hair Brushes Siganiture Edition by Master Xu

Bear Wolf Hair Brushes Siganiture Edition by Master Xu

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I have the medium and extra large brushes. Right now, I use the magic cloth and water, so I do not have a vast understanding of their nuances yet, but I have found that is more useful to have these two sizes than one single brush of this type. They are beautiful works of art and create art as well, always a plus. I still find them slightly too soft for my learning brain to wield and control. The bristles are tough and only shed one bristle at a time, if any at all. The problem I run into is mold. I am almost positive my extra large brush has mold on it...but that is because I did not purchase mothballs, dessicants, so on, so it is probably my fault. Plus I use all water for now. But, yeah, take care of these brushes, and they will probably last for a LONG time. Peace.
by David Douglas Date Added: Thursday 22 November, 2012
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