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Beautiful Cloisonne Enamel Metal Handled Baby Hair Brush[CloisonneB]

This limited edition bady's first cut hair brush is made by Master Xu Laoshan with special requests by Henry Li. The brush handle is made of cloisonne enamel metal, instead of bamboo or wood, which gives you a great feeling like using silverware.   


Brush Size: 1-1/2"(4.5cm) Long, 5/16"(0.8cm) Diameter.

Brush handle: 7-3/8" long, the middle part(4-3/8") is made of cloisonne enamel brass with cherry blossom pattern on red background(see pictures).


It was a very old tradition that parents would save their baby's first cut hair and make a lucky brush for the baby to use in the future. It was a real surprise that I saw this kind brush in a famous art brush studio in Nanjing ten years ago. The inscription on the handle says "Classical Way Baby's First Cut Hair". These days the master brush maker has collected the baby hair from Barbour shop and kept the traditional way of making this traditional brush alive.

With the energy of the innocence, this baby hair brush is the most sensitive brush I have ever used. It is very responding to your subtle movement and expression. It is best with drawing long lines such as orchid leaves.


I'd use different brush to achieve different effect. I keep a collections of more than 200 brushes for myself. This cloisonne metal handled brush is very unique and very rare to find, so I have special ordered it for you and my students. It feels really good to paint with and it is a true treasure of an artist studio


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