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Blue Jacarandas 2021[blue_jacarandas]

Blue Jacarandas

Signed and dated by Henry Li in 2021

Inscription reads "Purple mist cold flowers, a guest's singing of short poetry. Fully bloom and fully fall, indifferent in where they are. Written by Henry Li in the Year of Ox." (紫气冷花枝,异客浅吟诗。盈盈开且落, 无问在东西。辛丑晓辉并题。 ) 

Painting Size: 9"x13.5"

Media: Sumi Ink and watercolor on rice paper. (mounted and ready to be framed)


*This is an original painting is available as a free "thank you" gift to you when your order over $250.00 merchandise.  


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