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Calligraphy Copybook the Heart Sutra by Ouyang Shun[Magic_Heart]

The Heart Sūtra is often cited as the best-known[1] and most popular Buddhist scripture of all. This master copy was written by Ouyang Shu one of the best calligraphers in the Tang Dynasty. The Heart Sutra is one of the most accessible interpretations of the Buddha's teachings. Many believe that studying and copying the sutra increases one’s understanding of the ultimate truth and brings good karma and blessings to the artist. Both Chinese and Japanese calligraphers have practiced the art for centuries. 


Hand Scroll Size 54" x 17-1/2" made of magic cloth with outlined stroke guides. This is a portable, water writing magic cloth for practicing calligraphy. You simply write with water and your calligraphy will come to dark as if ink is used(*if you prefer to use real ink, you may write on a separate sheet of paper and use this scroll as your copy sample). Then, as the water evaporates, the stroke magically disappears and ready to write again. The synthetic cloth material feels as soft as rice paper, while ensures portable fun - great to use anywhere around house or travel!


  • The scroll comes with dowel to roll for carrying and storage. 
  • It will last for 10,000 times (*use only clean brush and water.)
  • It is WASHABLE to remove water stain. (*cold water, brush with mild soap if necessary. No bleach or moisturizer. Don't rub or twist. Hang dry.)
  • Environmentally friendly. It will help to save trees by going paperless.

For a English Translation of the Heart Sutra we recommend the following Red Pine's Book


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