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Chengni Ceramic Inktone with Lotus Deco[Lotus_Inkstone]

This inkstone is made from ceramic material. It was decorated with lotus flower pattern. This artificial stone is very hard and smooth for grinding the ink.* It is as easy and as productive as the finest natural stone with just a fraction of the cost. 


* The decorative black paint on the surface will be scratched off with initial usage but that will not affect the function.


Inkstone Size: approximately 8" L, 6" W, 1" tall. 


About She Inkstone  

Chengni inkstones (simplified Chinese: 澄泥砚; traditional Chinese: 澄泥硯; pinyin: Chéngníyàn) are ceramic-manufactured inkstones. This process began in the Tang Dynasty and is said to have originated in Luoyang, Henan Province.

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