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Yi-te Ke Ink for Chinese Calligraphy and Sumi Painting[YIDEGE_Ink]

  • Yi-te Ke ink is made in Beijing, China with more than 140 years of history.*
  • It is a high-quality sumi ink suitable for professional calligrapher and sumi painters.  
  • It can be used straight from the bottle for its 'extra' black intensity or mixed with water to get various gray tones.
  • It is permanent and lightfast.
  • It dries quickly and won't run or bleed when re-wetted during wash or wet-mounting.
  • If the ink gets dry on the palette, just add water to melt it so it can be used again(unlike the Japanese bottled ink, which cannot be re-wetted and reused once it dries).
  • Ingredients include borneol and muskiness which made the ink refreshing and cleansing with elegant. aroma.


100g bottle(3.5oz)


* Beijing "Yi-te Ke" ink is a well-known brand for over 140 years. The history says that during the reign of Emperor Tongchi in the late Qing Dynasty, a scholar named Hsieh Songtai from Anhui Province went to Beijing to take the civil service examinations but failed because he had spent too much time on grinding the ink with the ink stick and left in a hurry to write the answers to the questions.  So he decides to invent a convenient ink that one can use it to write directly without having to grind it on an inkstone. After many experiments, he finally made a kind of liquid ink from lampblack and other auxiliary materials which produced the same writing effects as fresh ground ink. The ink won great popularity among scholar-officials instantly. In the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Tongchi(1865), Hsieh Songtai set up the first Chinese ink manufacturer with a storefront called "Yi-te Ke"(meaning "One-Gain House") at the famous Liu Li Chang street in Beijing. The calligraphy of Yi-te Ke was written by Hsieh Songtai himself which is also carved on the tablet hung above the store gate. Today the Yi-te Ke of Beijing has become the largest ink supplier of China. 
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