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Consulting Service of Old Seal Content Translation[Translation]

This is for the service of helping you to translate old or antique seal contents. 

The translation fee is per seal for up to 4 characters. More than 4 characters count as multiple seals.

Short side inscriptions (date and name) is included, long inscriptions may require extra translation fee.

*If you decide to have me re-carve the old seal, translation fee will be refunded to you.      




Example of Translation


The carving on the stone says "員賞"
圓 rounded, full, all-embracing as in 圓滿
賞 appreciation as in 欣赏, 鉴赏, 感激, 升值, 体味, 赏识

Together the phrase 員賞 does not make much sense. It could be a name seal if it is square. However, it is a round or oval shape,
which makes me think that it must have a different meaning.
Now let me try to unlock the secret in this seal: The first character should read "圓" to take the round border into account.
Therefore the phrase should read 圓賞

The side inscription is

丙午: The Ping horse year in the 60 year cycle. The last Ping-wu is 1966).
清和月: The fourth month in Chinese lunar calendar.
于生: the artist name Yu Sheng.

作: Made. 

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