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flecked Xuan Paper Golden/Silver Flakes 26x53[XuanFlake]

  • flecked unsized or raw Xuan rice paper with silver or golden flakes;
  • PH neutral and archival;
  • Works perfectly with sumi ink and  watercolors, and shows color brilliantly, appropriate for landscapes, animals, plants and flowers, etc.
  • Also good for Calligraphy, Mounting, Book Binding, Block Printing, Rubbing, Stamping, Collage etc.

Size: 26" x 53". Sold in bundle of 5 sheets. Please select silver or gold color flakes. 
Gold x5 Gold x5 [gold_flakes_5] $18.00 Quantity :
Silver x5 Silver x5 [silver_flakes_5] $18.00 Quantity :
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