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Flower Paintings by Guo Yicong[Guo_Yicong]

Daba ShanrenGuo Yicong(郭怡孮) was born in 1940 in Weifang, Shandong province. He started painting under the guidance of his father, master Guo Weiqu(郭味蕖 1908-1971) when he was a boy. He studied fine art in Beijing art academy from 1959 to 1962, first in Western arts and then focused on Chinese flower and birds painting.  From 1978 he is a professor in Central Academy of Fine Arts, the director of Chinese Painting Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association, former dean of Chinese Artistic Creation School of Chinese National Academy of Arts, librarian of Central Research Institute of Culture and History,  and president of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association.

Guo Yicong developed the concept of traditional "Flower and Birds" into a new contemporary style depicting the beauty of nature. His flower and birds paintings are very colorful, yet maintain the line quality of brushstrokes in traditional ink painting. He emphasizes on inspirations from the nature and often paint live flowers in their natural environment.   "Every creation starts from a nature inspiration, and eventually returns to my heart or mind" he said. His painting is a dialog between artist and nature. He tries to brings his viewer into the state of integration with nature with his paintings.

His style is very unique. He has a solid training in the traditional skills of ink and brushworks. At meantime,  he absorbed some color and composition techniques from the Western arts.  His flowers grow in dense clusters reflecting their lush and robust momentum.   Many connoisseurs all appreciate how colorful and rich his paintings are and exclaim: It is so wonderful that in his flower painting he has achieved such  "decorative color effects without losing its spontaneous spirit."  


This book contains a very rich collection of Guo Yicong's most representational paintings.

Page 170

Dimension 8-1/4"(21cm) x 11-1/8"(28.5cm)

Color Plates

Hard cover with jacket box.

Published by Renmin Meishu(People's Fine Art, 2007.7)

ISBN 978-7-102-04063-9


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