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Golden Powder(ewa enogu pigment)[Gold]

Tianya brand super quality mineral color powder or ewa enogu pigment: Golden

There is a long history of painting with mineral pigment and glue is the only binding agent. This natural pigment is fine made through crushing, grinding and classifying process with natural gem grade minerals. It comes in graceful and steady hue of color in fine grains. It is permanent and lightfast. It can be used with watercolor, guache, gongbi, sumi, ewa-enogu, and thangka paintings. It can be applied on rice paper, mulberry paper, hemp paper, watercolor paper, silk, canvas, wood or drywall etc.      


Made in China by Tianya, which is a joint venture of Japanese and Chinese company in Beijing.


Pigment Weight: 5g


Usage: Pour proper amount of pigment powder and add same amount of glue solution(solution made of gelatin or peach sap powder. Bottled glue solution is also OK), grind the pigment and glue with finger tip to turn it into paste. Then add a little clear water to dilute it to desired consistency. The color is ready for painting.


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