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Red Hair Brush for Fine Outline and Calligraphy(L)[Red_HairL]

The Red Hair brush is a classic long & short hair combined stiff brush designed for painting outline or writing small character calligraphy.

In Chinese it is called the Hong-Mao or "Red Hair" brush because of the striking red dye applied to the hair on the brush heel. It is also known as "Red Bean" or "Red Feather" brush. This kind of brushes are composed of two layers of animal hairs in different length. The longer wolf hair in the center to provide a well-pointed tip. The brush heel is surrounded by a layer of short rabbit hair(in red) for its liquid-holding capacity. This brush structure makes fine strokes or outlines while maintains a sufficient ink or color load. So it is one of the most commonly used combination brush in Chinese painting.


Size Large: 1"(2.5cm) long, 1/4"(0.6cm) diameter; Bamboo Handle length:  9-1/8" (23cm)

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