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Hake Goat Hair Flat Brush(set of 3)[Hake]

Size #1: 1" wide, bristle length 1", handle 7-3/4" 

Size  #2: 2" wide, bristle length 1", handle 7-1/2" 

Size #3: 3" wide, bristle length 1", handle length 8-1/2" 


Super soft goat hair holds ink or colour beautifully with wide range coverage!

With high quality materials, construction, and three popular sizes make this set the choice for both beginning and advanced artists. The prefect brush for applying horizontal color variations with a reliable and true stroke. Supreme quality goat hair is hand bound to a flat shape and sandwiched between two flat pieces of wood with a long, comfortable natural wood paddle handle; the hollow space in between is sealed seamlessly and covered with traditional protective coating(blue).

These brushes are used for sweeping and precise techniques for applying vivid watercolor washes, liquid inks and watercolors to paper or silk. Also suitable for sizing paper or canvas, wetting down watercolor paper and a huge range of traditional brush painting techniques.


Personally I'd use these brushes in the wet-mounting process. I would apply the thin flour paste to the backing paper with one hake brush and use another dry hake brush to sweep the painting onto the backing paper. Then I will change into the special palm fiber mounting brush to press the two together.



In the following Youtube video I used this kind of kake brush to paint the bamboo stems:


All 3 All 3 [Hake_3] $19.49 Quantity :
3 in 3 in [Hake_L] $7.99 Quantity :
2 in 2 in [Hake_M] $6.99 Quantity :
1 in 1 in [Hake_S] $5.99 Quantity :
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