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Huangshan China from plein air to studio(Download)[huangshan]

This downloadable video is supplementary to Lesson 19 on misty mountains, featuring Zhu Yanmo. I traveled first with one of my students to Huangshan on a plein air journey, then we met master Zhu at Fengjing, artist village near the scenic water town Xitang, and videotaped two painting demos with him.  

Table of Contents (click on the link for preview on Youtube)

1. Huangshan 01 (8:29)

2. Huangshan 02 (6:55)

3. Huangshan 03 (11:39)

4. Huangshan 04 (8:26)

5. Huangshan 05 (7:15)

6. Huangshan 06 (5:07)

7. Xitang (14:22)

8. Fengjing 01 (22:16)

9. Fengjing 02 (22:34)

Here is a trailer of the joint painting demo with Henry Li and Zhu Yanmo. Enjoy watching!



Entire DVD Length: 1.8 hours   

All copy sample and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


Available in DVD or downloadable HD video(MP4). Please make your selection before adding it to your shopping cart.  


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