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Japanese Sumi Drawing Ink (Boku-Eki) in Bottle[J-Ink-17]

This bottle of Japanese Sumi ink is made in Japan for sumi-e painting or calligraphy. It comes with a convenient horizontal mouth for easy dispensing. Compared with the Chinese counterparts, it does not have the strong ink smell. When change color, the brush can be rinsed easily by dipping in water. It can be diluted with water to use with fountain pens or water brushes.  


"Highly recommend it to sumi-e students and other watercolor artists to try and hope you will like it as much as I do." -Henry Li


This Japanese black ink is a permanent, stable ink. It does not tends to bleed or run during the wet-mounting process.



Bottle Height: 6 1/4",  180ml


Made in Japan

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