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X-Large Goat Hair Brush with Rosewood Handle by Xu Laosan[Da_Shu_Hua]

These large brushes were made of long goat hairs with a natural rosewood handle. It is designed for painting large paintings or bold strokes like lotus leaves or large character calligraphy. It comes with a sharp tip and flexible body with large capacity of loading. The handle is made a long single piece of rosewood with a garlic shaped bottom for easy handling of this extra large size brush. It can also used as a large washing brush for large block or back ground washes. It feels so great just holding it!

Limited signature edition by master Xu Laosan .


Bristle: 13/16"(2.1cm) diameter, 3-1/4"(8.2cm) long;

Handle: 9.5"(24.5CM), Total Length: 13"(32.5cm) 


Please watch the following video to see me painting lotus leaves with this brush .


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