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Lingnan Li Yewu Style Peony Painting Workshop(10/27)[zoom_class_Oct_27]

Dates and Time:
Tuesday October 27
10:30am-1:00pm Pacific Time
In this paint-along Zoom workshop Henry Li lead a step-by-step demo to paint peony flowers, and butterflies, in the style of Li Yewu(李野屋* , 1899-1938) , who was a student of the Lingnan school founders, Ju Cao(居巢)and Ju Lian(居亷). Li's delicate style is also known as Mogu(boneless) which is in between Xieyi(free style) and gongbi(elaborated style) on none-absorbent rice paper.
There will be details guide on on how to paint flower petals and leaves etc. The workshop will be a two hour painting-along section followed by a half hour critique. Henry will teach you about the paper and colors he is using, type of brushes and painting techniques. 
"Li Yewu is my favorite artist of the Lingnan school" says Henry. 
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Supplies List:

1) Sized Rice Paper with out Mica:

2) Wolf and Sheep mixture liner 

3) Rabbit Hair combination brushes: (either or both) 

4) Extra Small Weasel Brush: 

5) Traditional Chinese painting colors(indigo, yellow chunk, umber, rouge, Chinese white or gouache. )  

6) Sumi Ink (ground ink is the best, bottled or ink cake is also OK.



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