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Long Bristle Badger Hair Brush Set of 3[3_Badger]

This specialty is softer than mountain horse but with the same kind of rugged texture; its stiffness allows for bristlelike strokes but have great color-carrying capacity. Its extra bristle length provides wider range for multiple color loading and flexibility of making curving lines. So it is my favorite brush to paint vines of wisterias or grapes.



Bristle length: 2-1/16"(5.3cm), diameter: 7/16"(1.1cm); handle length: 9"(22.5cm);(out of stock)


Bristle length: 1-3/4"(4.6cm), diameter: 3/8"(1cm); handle length: 9"(22.5cm);


Bristle length: 1-1/2"(3.9cm), diameter: 11/36"(0.9cm); handle length: 9"(22.5cm)


Medium Medium [M_Badger] $22.99 Quantity :
Small Small [S_Badger] $19.99 Quantity :
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