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Long Tip Winter Wolf Hair Brush - the Chrysanthemum Brush[mum_brush]

Do you know that wolves have two kinds of hairs? They have the long, stiff "guard hairs" of the outer coat, and also have an "undercoat" of soft and fine fur which grows thick in the winter. This Dong Langmao or "Winter Wolf" brush is made of 100% winter weasel hair which is softer than regular wolf hair brush.

It could be used as "chrysanthemum brush" for outlining the petals of various mums. It is also great with doing orchid flower and plum blossoms, small bamboo branches or tree twigs etc. It has a very flexible waist. You can use the thin tip to draw petals with little pressure, and when you paint the chrysanthemum leaves you may simply press the brush to bend it at the waist instead of leaning the brush handle down.



Tip Size: 1-1/4" (3.2cm)long, 3/16"(0.5cm) diameter, Handle Length: 9-1/2" (23.5cm)


*Signature edition made by Master Xu Laoan.

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