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10 Pairs(20 Brushes) of Piston Filler Waterbrush Pens Wholesale[capped2WS]

This new pocket version has made a number of upgrades and improvements according to user feedback, which include English labels with use instructions, smaller tip for delicate artworks,  and a "stop click" on the metal cap.  


This pocket version piston brush pens are suitable to fill with ink, liquid watercolor or just water. The top of brush handle is a piston knob that controls the piston-filler and adjust the flow while using. The exterior of these brush pens is like a regular fountain pen. The metal cap is now comes with a "stop click" inside to prevent from crashing the brush by over-pushing. The cap may also serve as an extension to the handle, more secure than the original version. Its compact fountain pen design makes it easy to carry around. Great to work with ink, watercolor, half pans, watercolor pencils, soluble crayons, and pastels. 


100% synthetic bristles which simulate natural tips of animal hairs that gives the brush a pointed tip. It will bounce back to its good shape and fit into the metal cap easily. It comes with a piston-filler which you can load with water, liquid watercolor or ink as you prefer. Two brushes are sold in this set:

1. Synthetic Sheep Hair Brush(A10):


Brush Tip Size: 5/16"(8mm) L, 1/8"(2mm) D; Length(capped): 5 1/2"


2. Synthetic Wolf Hair Brush(A20): 


Brush Tip Size: 9/16"(15mm)L, 3/16"(5mm)D; Length(capped): 5 1/2"


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Please make sure the glue in the new brush is washed out completely before using. The brush is very easy to clean, just squeeze out some water and brush it on a paper towel.  Main care tip for the water brushes would be to clean and drain them before storing them when they are not going to be used for a while. 



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Compared with squeezable barrel waterbrush or aquabrush:

 Our Piston Fountain Brush Pen  Squeezable Barrel Water Brushes
Easy to Fill  Yes No
Flow Control Precise control by piston knob   No control device, too much flow


 Similar to traditional brush Too stiff and springing,not flexible

Designed for Sumi-e

or Calligraphy

 Yes No


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