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Peach Sap Painting Glue Powder for Sumi-e on Rice Paper[peach_glue]

Peach sap glue has been used to mix with ink and watercolors to control bleeding or smearing effects on rice papers for hundreds of years in China, Japan and Korea.

This peach sap glue powder is made from natural peach tree sap through traditional process(no trees are damaged). It is very water soluble. To apply, simply add it to the water you use for mixing sumi ink and watercolors to reduce bleeding or smearing as desired. Its clear transparency protect the chroma and values while ink or colors are diluted with peach glue water. 

You may also add this peach sap glue to the regular western watercolors to be used on rice paper so they will not bleed during wet mounting process.


Weight: 10g 



Step 1: dissolve the amount of powder needed into a small amount of water(1:1) to make a paste;

Step 2: add 9 times more of water to the paste to form glue water. You may adjust the water amount depending on your need.

*It is NOT used for mixing pigment powder(for that you need to use gelatine glue ), nor as mounting paste to replace flour paste.  


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