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Peonies with Lilacs #2 (9x12)[Peony_Lilacs_2]

Title: Peonies with Lilacs by Henry Li dated 2019

Western Watercolor Paints on 12"x9" Cold Prress Watercolor Paper(original painting)


 I did this painting of peony and lilac flowers which we bought from the Southern California flower and garden show last weekend($/28/2019). I used western watercolors on 9"x12" Canson XL cold press paper. The brush I used are Chinese bamboo brushes made of goat hair or goat and weasel mixed hair. I used all part of the brush body to do the large petals and only the tip to draw the small details in calligraphic strokes. Starting from dark to light and the background was washed at the last. I did not use any gouache to keep it fresh and transparent. It was under a can light on the ceiling. I bought the blue-glazed pottery vase in a remote countryside of China in the early 80's on an archaeological field trip and have been with me wherever I moved since. I wish the paper is larger so I can paint the whole vase. In this case I tried to depict it minimal strokes and leave more room for the viewer's imagination.


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