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Peony Pro Sheep Hair Brushes by Xu Laosan[Peony_YYMP]

It is one of the most common soft brush for Sumi-e professionals. Made by Master Xu Laosan with 100% sheep hair with uncut natural tips. It is designed to achieve maxim spontaneity and flexibility, as well as ink/color variability in a single load. It may serve as a washing brush for painting flowers like peony or rose petals and leaves, rendering color washes in landscapes and so on. The handle is made of the thick bamboo stem. 


This edition comes in 3 brush Sizes:

1. small: 1-1/2"(3.5cm) Long' 3/8"(1cm) diameter, handle 8.5"(22cm)  

2. medium: 1-5/8" (4.2cm) long, 3/8"(1cm) diameter, Handle 9-1/8"(24cm) 


3. Large: 1-7/8"(4.9cm) long, 7/16"(1.1cm)diameter, Handle 9-1/2(25cm); 


In the following YouTube video, please see how I used this kind of sheep hair brush to paint peony flowers:  


Lg Lg [PeonyPro_L] $30.00 Quantity :
Md Md [PeonyPro_M] $28.00 Quantity :
Sm Sm [PeonyPro_S] $26.00 Quantity :
All 3 All 3 [PeonyPro_set_of_3] $80.00 Quantity :
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