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Poetic Challenges: Chinese Calligraphy and Painting(dowload)[MP4_Joint_Class]

Poetic Challenges: a joint class on Chinese Calligraphy and Painting with Victoria and Henry Li 

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For those of you who like to learn some inspiring Chinese poetry which you can inscribe on your painting here is a new series in the form of a joint lesson of Vitoria's Calligraphy and Henry's painting. The first lesson is a line by Zhu Xi, a Northern Song Confucius scholar's poem "万紫千红总是春" (萬紫千紅總是春)whiching means "Always colorful spring." Henry did a hydrangea painting with a riot of colors in response to this poetic challenge. In the second challenge, Victoria wrote a imagery couplet: "Western wind old path a thin horse, withered vine aged tree cold crows". To paint this poetic winter landscape, at first Henry used alum as water resist with diluted sumi ink to create realistic icicles hanging on a withered tree on the wrong side of the rice paper, and then he turned the paper over and drew a thin horse on the right side of the paper. You have to join this class with Victoria and Henry to see the dramatic chemistry of alum, poetry, calligraphy and painting!


Video Length: 2 Hours


Diagrams and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


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