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6-threads Wrinkle-free Japanese Silk for Gongbi Painting cut to your order[Japanese_silk]


Product Overview:

Discover the perfect canvas for your next artwork. Imported directly from Japan, our heavyweight 100% silk is designed specifically for fine-line or elaborate style Chinese and Nihonga Japanese painting. Each piece boasts an off-white hue, though slight variations may occur from bulk to bulk (see picture).

3 Colors Available:

  • Off-white: ivory (translucent)
  • Medium Antique: golden (translucent)
  • Dark Antique: light brown (translucent)

2 Sizes Available:

  • 35" Width: 35" (88cm), sold by the yard(36" or 91.4cm) cut to a continuous piece per order
  • 13" Width: 13"(33cm) sold by the yard(36" or 91.4cm) cut to a continuous piece per order


Unique Qualities:

Our silk defies the norm. Unlike traditional Chinese silk, it will not wrinkle with wet painting techniques, eliminating the need for stretching on a frame or mounting on a board with tape. It’s a sized, non-bleeding fabric that ensures your artwork remains crisp and clear, though excessive moisture will penetrate through. We recommend placing a wool felt underneath while painting.


Adaptable to all water-based media, this silk is a favorite for artists using watercolor, acrylic ink, or liquid acrylic. The translucent nature of the silk allows artists to trace designs with or without a lightbox. Even the back side is paintable with gouache and opaque watercolors.

Special Thanks:

We extend our gratitude to Shay Wahl and Maribel Teklado for providing the beautiful painting samples showcased below.

Order Today:

Experience the blend of tradition and innovation with our specially crafted silk, the preferred choice of artists seeking excellence and precision in every stroke.

13W by Yard(Brown) 13W by Yard(Brown) [13W-JPsilk_Brown] $30.00 Quantity :
13W by Yard(Gold) 13W by Yard(Gold) [13W-JPsilk_Gold] $30.00 Quantity :
13W by Yard(Ivory) 13W by Yard(Ivory) [13W-JPsilk_Ivory] $30.00 Quantity :
35W by Yard(Ivory) 35W by Yard(Ivory) [35W-JPsilk_Ivory] $85.00 Quantity :
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