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Sized Xuan Rice Paper with Yellow Tone (27x54)[sized_Xuan_toned]


Introducing our Sized Xuan Rice Paper with Yellow Tone - a must-have for artists who specialize in elaborated style or Gongbi Chinese painting. This bundle includes 5 sheets of paper, each measuring 54"x26.5" (135cm x 68cm).

Our Xuan Rice Paper is handmade in Sichuan, China, using traditional methods. Alum is applied to the raw Xuan paper to make it non-absorbent, which prevents bleeding or smearing of colors. This paper has a warm yellow tone, adding a unique touch to your artwork. It is particularly suitable for paintings using white or opaque colors.

The surface of the paper does not have sparkling mica, which makes it perfect for a wide range of artistic techniques. It is also pH neutral and archival, ensuring your artwork will last for many years.

With its high quality and unique characteristics, our Sized Xuan Rice Paper with Yellow Tone is perfect for professional artists, art students, or anyone who loves to create beautiful and intricate paintings. Order yours today and experience the traditional art of Chinese painting!

100 100 [100_sized_Xuan_toned] $380.00 Quantity :
10 10 [10_sized_Xuan_toned] $50.00 Quantity :
5 5 [5_sized_Xuan_toned] $28.00 Quantity :
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