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100% Pure Natural Wool Felt Shitajiki Pad L/XL[wool_felt_lxl]

Size available: 

Large: 47"(120cm)x32"(82cm)

X-Large: 94"(240cm) x 47"(120cm) 

Color: Nature White 

- This professional wool felt is made of 100% Pure wool. The natural wool can hold water so very well(see pictures) that ink and color will stay on the rice paper to generate better artistic effects but not to be absorbed into the felt.
- It's is tightly woven and won't get balled with loose or frayed fibers.
- Nature white for showing true colors.
- Made in China.


A felt pad is an indispensable rice paper mate for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting(or Sumi-e). This felt mat is called Shitajiki in Japanese. Due to the absorbancy and thinness of rice paper, you need to put a piece of felt underneath. The felt prevent the rice paper from sticking on the table when paint or write. It holds the extra ink or moisture in place but not absorbes too that much(that is why paper towel or newsprint won't do the same.) So the felt not only to keep your table clean but also help to bring out the best effects of watercolor and ink on rice paper. Please watch the following Youtube video for more information on the usage of felt pad in Chinese painting.





L 47x32 [wool_felt_L] $29.99 Quantity :
XL 94x47 [wool_felt_XL] $89.99 Quantity :
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